Asset Management

Industrial Engraving
Plastic and Metal Tagging

Plastic and Metal Tagging* is available with any details engraved, including asset numbers, data, QR codes and barcodes. We can generate these on your request from data given. Laser Etched to provide an indelible, cleanable surface these are ideal for your sector.

Plastic and Metal Laser Engraving

Our laser engraving team can provide you with a graphics service, taking your drawings and bringing them to life. They will import your technical specifications and ensure that the medium* used matches your project.

All Metal and Plastic will be laser cut to size, to ensure they are accurate and then be laser etched with your data.  Shop Now

Traffolyte Labels

At Renico we have over 40 years of experience in traditional engraving, making us one of the UK’s suppliers of traditional engraved traffolyte*. A hard and non-conductive material, traffolyte is used mainly by your sector for tagging and wayfinding signs. We can produce your labels to specification, using our advanced equipment and skill.

Reverse Printed Labels

Our reverse printed legal stickers and notices are produced, by printing on the back of a clear polycarbonate, which is flame-retardant. It also brings the added benefit of being anti-vandal and can be cleaned.

Vinyl Labels

From Labelling for cables and pipes to large self-adhesive signage., we can provide you with the best vinyl* to suit your environment, available printed in full colour, cut to size.

Flexi Labels

Flexi Labels are new and developed by Renico for use as asset management tags in dirty and soiled areas, including oil companies. They are composed of flexible plastic and can be tailored to suit your needs. Choose either colour printed/white or coloured labels etched grey, we can provide what you need.

Safety Signage

We have an extensive range of safety signage artwork to choose from, or our team of graphic designers can help you to customise to suit your needs. Printed in full colour, we can provide various medium* to suit your budget.

Site Signage

Our large format flatbed printers are ideal for your site signage projects. We can provide a full service supplying your large and small signage including poles, and fixings. Printed in high quality and full colour, on your specified medium*, your signage will look professional and first rate.

*Data and Test Certification is available for all mediums and inks used for our products.