Fibre, Plasma & CO2 Laser Cutting

Industrial Engraving

Using advanced technologies Laser Cutting can provide an accurate and high quality finish to your project.

Renico have invested in state-of-the-art technology to bring a laser cutting service to our customers. Our Engineering team can help you to bring your project to life. The dimensions of our metal laser cutting bed is 4m x 2m and parts can be etched before cutting.

Laser Cutting – What can we do?

Stainless Steel

In Renico we can cut up to 20mm Stainless Steel. Either protected by a coating or not. 

Mild Steel

With mild steel we can cut through up to 25mm, with a professional finish.


In mirror polish with protective coating or satin finish, we can cut up to 6mm thickness.


The team can cut through both painted aluminium and plain aluminium, to a thickness of 12mm.

Plastic, Perspex, & Wood

We can also provide a CO2 laser cutting service on plastic, perspex and wood parts, up to 10mm thick.


In whichever material you require, Renico will cut a stencil for your needs. From metal for painting industrially or flexible plastic, rigid plastic or wood for smaller projects.


Further engineering processes are available including folding and polishing, see ‘Other Products’ for further details.