Traditional Engraving

Industrial Engraving

With over 40 years of experience in traditional engraving and router technologies and finishes.

Renico has been providing traditional engraving services to various sectors since 1997. This is a skill and craft, and a fading trade. Renico is providing training to staff to ensure the craft is passed on to younger generations to come.

Traditional engraving – What can we do?

All Industries have a need for traditional engraved products in steel, brass and aluminium, using a spindle engraving machine which are usually filled in colour. It gives depth and dimension to many nameplates.

Labels, tags and signs can also be composed from hard plastics called traffolyte, which is a non-conductive, hard material traditionally used in electrical and maritime sectors.

Our range of products are:

Engraved Stainless Steel

Using 316L stainless steel, this will be engraved to a depth specified by you. Either left unfilled or filled with any cellulose paint this will give a professional finish to the finished item.

Engraved Brass

Using marine grade engravers brass, we can produce stunning products in a mirror or satin finish, engraved to a depth and left unfilled or filled in cellulose paint.

Engraved Traffolyte

Traffolyte labels are generally used by electrical companies due to its non-conductive nature, but maritime, aerospace and construction industries like the professional and traditional nature of the product. We can supply in a range of colours and thicknesses.

Routered Wood

Wood can be routered and engraved using our technology. Routered wood can be used to produce stencils for marking machinery, floors and pavements. Engraved wood gives a beautiful smooth finish and depth and is used generally for memorial and gifting purposes.

Routered Signs

Our router can be used to cut signage into custom shapes. Renico can router foamex, diabond and aluminium to a high quality finish. This can then be UV printed by us in-house or used directly.