UV & Flatbed Printing

Industrial Engraving

With multiple flatbed printers, Renico can provide a quick turnaround in even the largest of print jobs.

UV Flatbed Printing

Using advanced technology in UV printing Renico can provide you with a professional high resolution print on various medias in full CMYK colour and also in white. With the further option of flatbed plotter technology we can also offer customised shaped prints up to 2mm thick. 

Medias which can be UV Printed in a thickness of up to 50mm.


Available in different thicknesses and colours, this is a standard foam board used for most safety signage and indoor signs. Shop Now


Also available in different thicknesses, this material is low cost and suitable for all signage. Ideal for temporary signs and boards. Used mostly by property companies. Shop Now

Diabond/Hoarding Board

A strong material produced from layers of plastic and aluminium, coated in white for print. Used for large format outdoor signage, construction companies use to block off areas as a fencing.

Painted Aluminium

Used for Outdoor signage for a sleeker, thinner quality finish. Can also be used in multiple board format for large signage.


Printing Direct to Metal is a specialised process, using different cleaning materials and curing processes, we can provide a professional finish, in full colour on your steel signage.

Printing on Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Plates

The strength of a Stainless Steel Nameplate, with the added protection of powder coating.

Powder Coated in house, these nameplates are then UV printed direct to plate.


Can be printed on perspex which can be lit from behind to show the image in full colour. Also can be printed on reverse protecting the print behind the perspex. The white overflood can be changed in intensity to provide different opacity levels.



Printing on the reverse of clear polycarbonate is the process for producing reverse printed labels and decals. Mostly used for legal notices due to the anti-vandal and flame retardant properties.


Photoluminescent hard board and thick vinyl is available for printing. Usually used for fire exit and fire safety signage.

Floor Material

Floor Material can be printed on a roll, providing a smooth and high quality, hard wearing print for your floor decals and stickers.

Banner Material

Various banner materials are available for print, in width of 2.4m to any length available.

Other materials including canvas, glass and wood can also be printed direct to substrate, or do you have a product you wish to try a UV print on? contact us about your customised project.

UV Printing – What can we do?

Safety Signage

UV Printed Direct to substrate we have a large dictionary of safety sign graphics to choose from, or customised by our designers.

Large Outdoor Signage

Renico can supply bespoke signage in various sizes in different materials. Our largest ‘one board’ size is 2.5m x 3m but we can supply a grid design, printing multiple boards which can be joined to make one large sign. Poles and attaching materials also available.

Metal Printed Nameplates

Any of your metal nameplate designs can be printed in full colour directly to material for a unique and high quality finish. Perfect for signs to impress and give a luxurious feeling.

Correx Boards

Used mainly by the property sector, this is a low cost option for signs. Also used for political boards and site safety signage this can be printed in full colour and large quantities in a short turn-around time. Renico has the ability to cut your correx to size in house

Reverse Printed Labels

Produced by the team at Renico these are a superior label, used mostly for safety and commercial decals that are not to be removed. Also used in the transport industry as they are anti-vandal, can be cleaned and are flame-retardant.


Construction and advertising banners can be printed, direct to substrate in either an economy setting for low-cost or high quality setting for advertising. Available in different materials, including canvas and wind-proof.

For any of your custom projects or high quantity printing. Please contact us for a quote or advice.